A world where everyone can flourish

It's more than time to change the way we look at mental well-being so that everyone can easily and quickly find effective solutions to uncomfortable life situations.

A human experience, enhanced by technology

A team at your service

Our minders bring together coaches, psychologists and therapists, who work as a team to ensure that you receive the right support at every stage of your journey.

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Technological tools

Digital and technology make it possible to provide a high level of personalised services on a large scale, at any time, wherever you are.

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Making mental wellness simple and accessible

We are always accessible

It's never easy to talk about the things that aren't working, but it's essential and it's often what makes it possible to take big steps forward. When the time is right for you, wherever you are, we will be there.

You can talk about everything

mindDay covers a whole range of subjects and issues. From personal life to family life or professional life, our minders are trained to support with any of your challenges.

The right person for you

Thanks to our large network of professionals (coaches, psychologists, therapists), we find the most suitable minder for you based on your specific needs and objectives.

Personalized support

Our method, our expertise and our network allow us to build a work plan adapted to your profile, your objectives and your desires. You're always at the very centre of the experience.

Scientifically proven methods

Our methods are effective and the results measured. All the techniques and methodologies used by our minders are validated and scientifically proven: CBT, ACT, EMDR, ...

A better self, every day

Through our activities, contents, tools and exercises, you will learn techniques to take care of yourself on a daily basis and thus learn to better manage the situations that challenge you.
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These matters are for you alone

Our commitment? Total confidentiality. This is an ethical and legal obligation and you can be sure that everything shared with mindDay and your minder will remain strictly confidential.

An experience designed by the best experts

Our mission and vision are guided and designed by leading experts in coaching, personal development and care.

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    Frédérique Tofani

    Coaching leader

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    Hervé Montes

    Leader psychothérapie

A trustworthy network

We select only the best

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