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Democratize access to mental wellness, to as many people as possible, thanks to qualified professionals aided by technology.

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Our manifesto


The world is changing and we are changing with it.

We live in a world that is changing faster and faster. Digital and technology, omnipresent, accelerate the movement. Our personal and professional lives are blending together. In this momentum, it is more and more difficult to reconcile everything, to succeed in everything. In the end, it is the human being who is being disrupted.


No one goes through life without a challenge.

In the course of our lives, each of us experiences complicated situations that can become a blockage. Untreated, these problems can be the cause of a huge human mess. In Europe 60 million people suffer from mental illnesses every year.

However, there are solutions.

Too many of us think that what we are feeling is no big deal, that there is no solution anyway. This is not true. Solutions exist, scientifically proven, but the number one obstacle is awareness and access to professionals.

Il faut faire davantage de prévention.

All too often, these problems are the subject of a taboo, of a negative image. Also, there is little or no prevention, whereas the appearance of many mental illnesses could be avoided by treating the discomforts of daily life as soon as possible.

To make mental well-being simple and accessible.

mindDay democratizes mental wellness support, prevention and care. Thanks to qualified professionals and technology, we can make techniques and therapies more accessible, more intelligent, more personalized and more effective.

We want to have an impact on the world

We are a company with a mission. We believe that mental well-being should be available to everyone. In partnership with associations, we redistribute 1% of our turnover to support vulnerable people who are far from any support.

mindDay is an innovative company created by a team of experts

in the fields of well-being, coaching, psychotherapy and digital technology

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Head Coach
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Customer Success

Our team continues to grow and new talent are required!

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