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About the conference

Duration : 45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

The beginning of a new year is often a time for so-called "good resolutions", which can affect different aspects of our daily lives (work, leisure, food, problematic behaviour, relationships). For example, you may have already made the following wishes:

👩‍💻 "At work, to be more efficient I will keep a daily to-do list." 🥦 "This year, I will eat home-cooked vegetables at least once a day." 🎺 "In 2022, I'll take up trumpet lessons." 🤝 "Once a month, I will arrange a lunch date with someone I haven't seen in a long time." Whatever your desire for change, or whatever project you want to get involved in, the key to getting there lies in your motivation... Before you can change, you have to be motivated to change!

The good news is that motivation is not innate, you can work on it, and it is possible to develop your capacities to succeed in finally taking action! This can be done through a good assessment of your situation and some tips to gradually improve your plans for change in any area of daily life.

On the programme of our conference:

Theoretical contributions on motivation and the stages of change. Tips and exercises to better identify and work on your motivation. Advice on how to move from desire to motivation, from motivation to action See you soon!

About mindDay's monthly conferences

At home or at work, we all face challenges everyday and we need to take care of our mental wellness. mindDay is a groundbreaking solution to (finally) tackle the issue of mental wellness and break the taboos around it.

Every month, mindDay organizes for its customers a conference to tackle a specific topic related to mental wellness and give you tips, tricks and practical exercices to keep a peaceful mind 😌


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