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Tomorrow’s company is one that takes care of its teams and their mental well-being. It helps them solve their problems, helps them shine and be more fulfilled.

We all face personal and professional situations that are difficult to handle alone and that profundly affect us.
1 in 5 people experience severe mental health problems each year and 75% do not know how to treat them.
Covid-19 is an accelerator of ill-being, contributing to isolation, stress and depression.


Your company reflects your teams

Easily cover 100% of cases your employees face; prevent psychosocial risks and increase your teams quality of life.

Support implementation of remote working with a service that makes sure your employees remain okay, wherever they are.

80% of employees who improve their well-being and feel more fulfilled observe an increase in productivity.

Team having a coffee

Your partner for mental wellness

Positive communication

A co-constructed communication strategy to speak out throughout the year on the most frequent issues and raise awareness.

A global solution

A solution to support all your employees, whether they are focusing on personal development, or dealing with great suffering.

Easy to deploy

Video and chat support available to all, within minutes, wherever they are and whatever the matter.

Focus on quality

A network of experienced and complementary professionals to address all of your employees at scale.

Daily tools

Programmes with activities, content, tools and exercises for your employees to take care of themselves on a daily basis.

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