Corporate well-being is a strategy.

The company of tomorrow is the one that has understood that its first capital is human. Help your employees to solve their problems, help them to shine. More fulfilled, they will make your company shine.

Unleash the potential of your employees

People are your company's most important asset. Whatever your context (reorganization, hyper-growth...) or your priority issues (QWL, prevention of RPS, support to telework...), you need everyone to succeed in your development projects.

Proven results

  • 40% use of our solution in the first year
  • 60% of employees feel more motivated when their employer takes their mental well-being into consideration
  • 80% of employees who feel better say they are more efficient at work
  • 4.9/5: the average score given by users after each session

A global turnkey solution to educate, prevent and treat

Raise awareness and free speech

We support you throughout the year with newsletters, conferences, events and content to communicate effectively on taboo subjects that are frequently encountered.

An application for everyone

Offer the app to all your employees to provide a first level of support: tests, articles, podcasts, exercises, meditations and messaging with a professional.

Human and personalized support

The right level of support for each employee. Offer group workshops (60 themes to choose from) and individual sessions to employees who wish to go further in their approach.

A diversity of qualified professionals

Benefit from our international network of 60 multiple professionals, coaches and psychologists, all certified and experienced, to provide simply the right support to each employee according to their needs.

Simple and effective deployment

We support you in the initial deployment and throughout the life of your program. A collective monthly and anonymous reporting allows you to measure the success of the program and to implement the actions expected by your teams.

In the respect of their private life

Offer your employees an innovative service to help them, while respecting their privacy. No individual information will be shared with you. You know they are in good hands, so you can concentrate on your priority missions.

They talk about us

mindDay was widely covered by the French press, find out what they said about us

Cette appli vous aide à trouver un coach au travail
MindDay, nouveau venu dans la galaxie des start-up de bien-être mental
Start up & co : Spécialisée dans le bien-être et la santé mentale des salariés, la société mindDay lève deux millions d'euros
MindDay renforce son capital pour lever le tabou de la santé mentale en entreprises
La start-up Mindday lève 2 millions d'euros pour améliorer le bien-être au travail et la santé mentale
Six mois après son lancement, le fonds Mutuelles Impact réalise ses cinq premiers investissements

An experience designed by the best experts

Frédérique Tofani, an experienced coach, has been coaching managers and employees for 20 years. Hervé Montès, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, former President of the AFTCC, has been coaching patients for 25 years.

  • Photo Frederique Tofani

    Frédérique Tofani

    Coaching leader

  • Photo Hervé Montes

    Hervé Montes

    Psychotherapy lead

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