You deserve some care

Any issue
We can help you in many situations, challenges and issues; personal or professional.
We go where your smartphone goes. Wherever you are, you will be accompanied by the right professionals.
Absolute confidentiality
What you share will remain strictly confidential. No data will be shared, not even the fact that you use our service.

How does it work in practice?

Answer some questions

We've developed quizzes to assess you and better understand your needs and expectations.

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Find the right minder

Your Care Manager will listen to you and direct you to the best professional to support you.

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Let us guide you

Your minder will work with you to help you achieve your goals using recognised and approved techniques.

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Understand & learn

Access activities, content, tools and exercises to help you learn and progress at any time.

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Take part to group sessions

Share your problems and challenges and benefit from the experience of others. Find also group courses to take care of yourself.

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Track your progress

Measure your progress and make sure you are always on track to achieve your goals.

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That person who wants you well

We work with a large network of certified, experienced, recognised and hand-picked experts and specialists. With them, you are in good hands. During your course, you will be accompanied by a referral minder. This person will be the guarantor of your support and your progress. If necessary, he or she can ask for the intervention of a specialised therapist to complement his or her support.

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What happens on mindDay stays on mindDay

We are extremely sensitive to ensuring complete confidentiality. Your information is never shared and data privacy is protected by the GDPR and the highest standard related to Health data.