Frequently asked questions

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Comment puis-je faire valoir mon droit au RGPD ?

Legalement, vous pouvez écrire au DPO; concrètement nous vous invitons à contacter notre service support

What level of security?

Just like confidentiality, security is at the heart of our concerns when building our product. We encrypt communications wherever possible, and have a proactive strategy to assess vulnerabilities in our system.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

mindDay is a team of experienced technologists and health professionals. We select our technical partners based on the strictest security criteria and have designed our product with confidentiality at its core. We also ask all our minders to respect the mindDay charter on confidentiality beyond what is already required by their respective regulatory bodies.

More details on our privacy policy here.

How does my first session work?

At mindDay, we offer you an initial 10 to 30 minute orientation meeting to identify the right minder and/or the best path for you. This is followed by the first session with the minder you have been matched with. Each session will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. At the end of your first session, your minder will suggest an action and development plan adapted to your objectives.

How do I choose my minder?

The choice of a minder results from your discussion with our team during the orientation. From the very first meeting, we will be able to match you with a competent, available and compatible minder.

How long will I have my minder for?

Our minders work in multidisciplinary teams. Your referent minder will follow you through the first round of consultations. If your needs change, he or she will refer you to a specialist who will meet your needs. We value the continuity of the relationship while striving to provide the best quality of service.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my minder?

Contact our support team at as soon as possible and we'll work with you to find another minder.

What is the difference between a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist and a coach?

The professional qualifications of each differ:

  • A psychiatrist is a medical specialist. He/she is interested in the functioning of the brain and treats mental illnesses, as well as cognitive, behavioural and emotional disorders.
  • A psychologist has a master's degree in psychology, for which he or she has chosen a specialisation (clinical psychology, work psychology, psychoanalysis, etc.). Some work in companies, with administrations, others in private practice.
  • A psychotherapist is registered with the National Register of Psychotherapists. He refers to a psychotherapeutic current and has himself undergone therapy.
  • A coach is a professional who uses different approaches and techniques to guide clients towards the development of strategies for success, well-being and transformation. A life coach specialises in life issues, whereas an executive coach specialises in professional development issues (management, career, performance, etc.)
What information is reported to my company?

All the information we provide to companies is 100% anonymised. We only exchange with them usage information and high-level indicators such as the number of active employees, the number of sessions per month and the level of employee satisfaction.

How do you select your minders?

We have put in place a highly selective recruitment process based on the quality of training, respect for the ethics of the profession, proven experience, level of recommendation and results obtained. Depending on the specialty, we look at the certifications and experience of these professionals.

What to expect from coaching


Can I do a face-to-face session?

Exceptionally, your minder may invite you to a face-to-face session. However, we believe that in general, teleconsultations are preferable because of their convenience and flexibility (location, environment...).

How do I log in to my account?

As there is no application available at the moment, you do not need to log in to anything.

Which tool does my Minder use for visios?

Like many, we have chosen Zoom as the tool for remote communication between Minders and employees. It is a reliable, secure, independent and widely used tool.

How to move a session?

Each session matches an entry in your calendar; you will find a link at the foot of the description to move or cancel each session. Our support can also help you if you've lost this link.

How do I cancel a session?

Each session has an invitation that is added to your calendar; you will find a link at the bottom of the description to postpone or cancel each session. Our support can also help you if you've lost this link.

How long does a session last?

A session usually lasts 45 minutes. It can sometimes last up to 60 minutes.

What can I do in between sessions?

Your Minder will agree with you on reading and/or exercises to do between sessions. You will also receive our regular newsletter.

Why aren't the sessions held closer together?

Our method is based on an assimilation time that is difficult to compress, as has been proven experimentally. Your Minder will define with you the most suitable frequency.

My company has a contract with you; how can I benefit from your services?

If you are covered by your company, you should have received a co-written email from us. If in doubt, please contact our support department

Can I subscribe to Minday as an individual?

We are working on this, but for the time being we invite you to go private with your Minder.

How to give a review of Minday?

At the end of some key interviews, you will be asked to express yourself and rate your experience.

How do I share a review of my Minder?

After each key session, we will send you an email with a short satisfaction survey to evaluate the session.

How do I contact Minday Support?
What is a "minder" ?

He or she is a mental health professional and a member of the mindDay team. Behind this name you will find psychologists, coaches or partner therapists who have been selected and trained with mindDay tools.