Take care of the mental well-being of your teams

Thanks to our global solution and to group or individual coaching and psychotherapy sessions, you act to educate, prevent and treat 100% of the problems related to the well-being of your employees.

We all face challenges and need to grow. We help everyone to prevent and treat.

Here are some examples of subjects we accompany:

Time management
Difficult life choices
Work life balance
Be an actor of change
Better regulate emotions
Dealing with a burn-out
Manage stress and anxiety
Cultivate relationships
Improve your sleep
Define your life project
Feeling low
Improve your lifestyle
Fight addictions
Live a threshold

A global solution

A turnkey service that allows you to educate, prevent, and treat 100% of the issues related to the well-being of your employees. With mindDay, your employees will always find a listening ear and an individualized resource space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and French.

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An agile solution that grows with your business

The world is changing fast, very fast. Traditional systems (training, etc.) make it difficult to adapt and develop the right skills in real time. mindDay supports your evolution strategies with agile solutions that adapt to your current challenges.

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A solution to raise awareness, provide tools and support

Awareness campaigns

Each month we propose a newsletter with tips and tricks, conferences, content and events to highlight a problem that we frequently encounter. It is by daring to talk about it that we start to progress.

An application and programs

mindDay gives you access to a resource space available 24 hours a day to learn, solve, develop and take care of yourself every day. Personality tests, articles, podcasts, a personal development library, interactive exercises, yoga and meditations are just waiting for you!

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Group workshops

In small groups and led by an expert in the field, these workshops allow participants to discuss a theme, share their experience and learn from others. These workshops are real levers for cohesion.

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Individual sessions

Individual and confidential sessions with a coach or a psychologist in order to progress towards your goals. We guide you in choosing the most appropriate professional for your problem.

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A solution for everyone

It is difficult to know if you need a coach, a psychologist or a specialized therapist when you encounter a difficulty. That's why a team of Care Managers is there to listen to you, understand your needs, direct you to the right Minder and help you build a personalized path.

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Thousands of people supported

mindDay brings together 60 professionals at your service, both French and English speaking, with an average of 15 years of experience in their practice. Our service is used by more than 40% of our clients' employees, who give an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 to each of their sessions.

Are you a business considering mindDay?