Take care of your teams' mental wellbeing.

Thanks to our global solution and group or individual coaching and psychotherapy sessions, you act to educate, prevent and treat 100% of the issues related to the well-being of your employees.

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Did you say "mental health"?
According to the WHO, mental health is a "state of well-being that enables people to achieve their potential, cope with life's normal challenges, work successfully and productively, and contribute to community life."

mindDay, a partner in the mental health of your teams!

We all encounter challenges and need to move forward. We help everyone to prevent and treat. Here are a few examples of topics we help with:

Improve your sleep
Finding your work/life balance
Improve your leadership
Manage your stress and anxiety
Regulate your emotions
Coping with burnout
Embrace change
Cultivate your relationships
Improve your lifestyle
Enhance your performance

360 solution

A turnkey service that allows you to educate, prevent and address 100% of the issues related to your employees' well-being. With mindDay, your employees will always find a listening ear and an individualized resource space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in French and English.

An agile solution that grows with your business

The world is changing fast, very fast. Traditional systems make it difficult to adapt and develop the right skills in real time. mindDay supports your evolution strategies with agile solutions that adapt to your current challenges.

Our support to raise awareness, provide tools and treatment, 24/7

Basics of assertiveness
Mental Health First Aid Awareness
Awareness campaigns

Each month we educate your employees by offering a newsletter, conferences, content and events to highlight an issue that we frequently encounter.

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Collective workshops

In small groups and led by an expert in the field, these workshops allow participants to discuss a theme, share their experience and learn from others. They are therefore real levers of cohesion.

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Trouble Category screen
An app with embedded programs

mindDay gives you access to a 24/7 library to learn, solve, develop and take care of yourself on a daily basis. You will easily find personality tests, articles, podcasts, interactive exercises, yoga and meditations.

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Individual sessions

Participate in individual and confidential sessions with a coach or a psychologist in order to progress towards your goals. We will guide you in choosing the most appropriate professional for your needs.

In a few figures, mindDay is :

professionals make up our network and speak 5 languages across the globe
15 years
of experience on average for professionals in our network
20% usage, that's 20x more than traditional psychological listening solutions
The average rating that users give after their session.

A personalized support, in complete confidentiality.

One solution for all

When you encounter a difficulty, it is difficult to determine whether you need a coach, a psychologist or a specialized therapist. That's why a team of Care Managers is there to listen to you, understand your needs, direct you to the right Minder and help you build a personalized path.

Minder. This person who wants your good.

We work with certified, experienced (15 years experience on average) and recognized professionals. With them, you are in good hands. During your journey, you will be guided to a Minder referent, coach or psychologist, the most appropriate for you and the situation you are facing.

What happens on mindDay stays on mindDay

You are in a trust space. What you share remains strictly confidential. No information will ever be shared with your company or anyone else.

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Our answers to your questions

Are my teams affected by mental health issues?
We are all concerned by the subject. In France, it is estimated that approximately 30% of the population experiences psychological suffering each year. Moreover, all studies show that prevention is very effective in avoiding future problems.
Why use an external solution rather than internal support?
By choosing mindDay, you can be sure that qualified professionals, psychologists and coaches, will be working in your company. Each employee will find a professional who is relevant to the problem they are facing.
As a company, is it up to me to take care of the well-being of my employees?
We are convinced that a company is in good shape if its members are in good shape. So, whether it's for CSR or employer brand issues, or for performance and efficiency, we believe that it's essential to take care of the well-being of your employees.
What is the difference between mindDay and a hotline?
mindDay is a global solution that acts from prevention, very early on, to the treatment of people in difficulty. Our comprehensive service is used by more than 40% of beneficiaries, whereas hotlines are used by 1 to 2% of beneficiaries.
Is it possible to effectively support someone through an application?
Digital technology is a support tool used to reach as many people as possible, with certain independent functions. But at mindDay, it does not replace the intervention of real professionals, psychologists and coaches, who listen, discuss and help your employees.
How much does it cost?
From 1.5€ per month per person. We build customized programs according to our clients' needs. With mindDay, you only pay for what you use and the price is predictable and agreed upon before our intervention.
What training do your professionals have?
All of our partner professionals have degrees (psychology or coaching), are trained in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, are certified, experienced (15 years of experience on average) and supervised. They are monitored and evaluated by our committee of experts who ensure the quality of our interventions.
Is it available internationally? In other languages?
mindDay is available worldwide, in French and English. In addition, some of our Minders can accompany your employees in Spanish or Arabic.
How do you guarantee a personalised approach?
Each mindDay user is evaluated in order to offer a personalized course that addresses his or her issues. Prior to individual coaching, a Care Manager defines the user's needs and objectives and directs them to the most appropriate professional.
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